My Fitness Journey [Part 2]

Beaches, Bumps and Babies.

One piece of crucial information I missed from part 1, was that in 2007 I spent 6 months completed Cert III and IV in fitness and Master Trainer certification. I spent every Sat and Wednesday night at the campus and, homework and assignments etc.
This was the first step to the dream of training boot camps on the beach.
Circumstances at the time held me back from doing anything with the qualifications straight away and with this, in my back pocket, we go back to 2011.
John and I had completed the marathon – during this time we also did Hell week, this was an affiliated part the boot camp program and (as a great marketing strategy) we were selected to do this. The training started at 5am every day of the week (Monday – Friday) at Henley beach. It ran for 2 hours every morning and on Wednesday, there was the 2.5 hour session. It was a team event, but the trainers would try and mentally turn the team against each other. They played a great role and acted as if they were the sergeants. I will just give you a little taste of what was in store – the warm up was just a snippet of the brutality they were going to put us through and it was the same every morning.

2 minutes of Jumping jacks (can be known as star jumps)
2 minutes of jack knives (AKA V ups)
2 minutes of Grumps (Half burpees)
2 Mins of push ups

Doesn’t sound too bad Right???
On top of that, we had to do this in the deep sand AND we all had to be in time with each other. If someone was out of time or did the jumping jacks out of sync we had to start again. To add to this the sergeants stood right up in your face, threw buckets of seawater over you, intimidation tactics to try and make you crack, Plus it was pitch black. It was almost scary and a little intimidating, that’s was exactly how they wanted it to be. That was just the warm up!


There was carrying boats, pulling tyres with the instructors in them. Running 3 km up sand dunes with a 10kg backpack and a mock rifle. As always John and I pushed each other through. At one point we were doing spinning bear crawls up the beach and John said “I am gonna ring the bell Kath” – I told him to dig in and it will be ok, we both did things way out of our comfort zones. There were tears (from me) at one point and john took my log
and carried two because my arms were bleeding from the log I was carrying. Wow just writing this I am thinking ‘what the hell were we thinking???’
There was an escape – the bell. If you rang the bell to tag out. You were OUT you could not come back for the rest of the week. But all 12 of Alpha 11 completed the week. Great achievement and amazing sense of comradery of which none of us will forget.


Just after my 30th Heath and I went to Thailand. We had just started talking about having children but hadn’t really thought much of it. On the return from the holiday, I felt weird, so I took a test and wtf yes it was positive. We were pretty shocked but happy and totally oblivious (as everyone is) about how this would impact our lives. I was determined not to lose my fitness but with the exhaustion of making a human and the morning sickness. I just felt like vomiting at the thought of eating my usual healthy food. I was so tired and I
had stopped doing boot camp to be safe. I was back in the gym and kept everything light plus the fact my motivation was just not there. I wont go into the whole pregnancy side of things but let’s say it was not a good one and I couldn’t wait to get the baby out so I could be fit again. I hated being pregnant. I think I was actually really low for the last couple of months. It was a major downturn in my journey and I realised how hard we had worked to
get so fit and just to lose it all was hard. This just proved to me how important fitness is for mental health. I didn’t feel good. My diet was not as good and this affected me way more than I thought it would.

This blog is about how fitness hence why I have not elaborated a lot on having a baby and all the other things that go with it. You know all the small thing like the most overwhelming powerful love you have for that little nugget, the fact that your whole life an being has changed forever and that this was….the easy part!!!
Keeping it about the fitness You really can’t keep a good fitness addict down!! Literally, after a traumatic birth and 7 days in the women’s and children’s, I couldn’t wait to get moving again. I had Zoe in July and I wanted a goal to aim for so the guys at work signed me up for the corporate cup (which I had been doing a few years in a row) I normally would do the 7.2km look but I opted for the 4.5km this time. This was in September, so I thought it would be a good little goal to have and get me out running again. I started pounding the pavement with my jogger pram. Spring was in the air and OMG although I was sleep deprived and possibly going through the worst living hell in my life as far as re adjusting l (any new parent will know) This was what I had been looking forward to. I hear a lot of people with newborns and baby’s say ‘I was just too exhausted’ but you know what?…getting out there and getting active is not going to make you more tired!! It’s going to give you more energy and boost your endorphins and make you a better mum and person all round.

At the time we lived in Collinswood which was about 2-3 km from North Adelaide. Every day around 10am we would set off with the jogger pram (Zoe would have her sleep) I would start off walking and have a little shuffle of a run and slowly build it up. Music going, the sun shining. Best of all the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was coffee!!!
Once we got to the shop I would get my fix and then as Zoe got older and I got stronger we would detour a longer way past the playground and see the horses and I would start doing some body weight exercises in the park, start to get the core strong again. I was actually surprised how quickly my body felt good again and fitness soon came back. I just looked at the pram not as a burden but as an extra weight to get the heart rate going, pushed it up the hills, did lunges with the pram etc etc.

Mums and Bubs

I was really missing the group training. I wanted to do something I could take Zoe with me so a friend from work told me about this little studio where they were doing a mums and bubs class. I called the guy and he sounded nice and super understanding so I went along. It was on a Tuesday morning and after we had finished all the mums had coffee and I made some new friends. Mark the trainer was a fellow pomme and we got chatting after the class. I mentioned that I had my PT qualifications and as he was starting a new business he wanted to discuss with me about working in the studio and taking some classes. At this point Zoe was only about 3-4 months old and to be honest, I was missing work but at the same time scared and not ready to leave my baby for any long period of time. So we set to work to get me ready to instruct my first group fitness class!!

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