‘I’m too old….’

Firstly, NO YOUR NOT!  Read about one of our favourite members – Julie – before you count yourself out for the count.

Meet Julie – D’Oterra essential oils rep (she runs her own business, Intuitive Essence) and one of Core Finesse’s favourite clients.  Julie is an amazing human being: kind, patient, and ready to give her time to anyone that needs it.  But there’s one thing Julie does lack – and that’s self-motivation when it comes to her health and fitness!

Whenever Julie attends our face-to-face group sessions, she comes in all guns blazing, never backs down from a challenge and will try her very best every single time.  I sometimes have to ask her to take it easy she gets so into it!

But COVID19 changed that and almost pushed Julie off the rails.  She still joined us for Pilates Online which she loves but was struggling with the other workouts online as she missed that face-to-face personal coaching.  So, after talking about what she wanted to work on, I gave Julie a really simple but still challenging workout to do.  I made the workouts modifiable and progressive.

The exercises are simple everyday ones with a few complex moves thrown in!  Weeks 1 and 3 is the same routine, except that Week 3 includes extra rounds (and if she wanted to go heavier do so!).  Same goes for Weeks 1 and 4.



Julie had informed me that she has arthritis in her fingers and toes but didn’t want to stop training as she knew it helped her.  Arthritis should never stop you moving – far from it, you SHOULD be!  You’re already in pain, and that pain will only get worse if you do NOTHING!  So I ensured the exercises I gave her were a gentle start-up and any progression was up to Julie (with advice from me if she needed it) depending on how she felt.  She’s had her good days and not-so-good days but Julie still maintained her workout routines three times a week.

Each session, Julie has stayed ‘accountable’ to me (that was of her own choosing by the way!).  She has messaged me after her workout, let me know how she went, what she did and whether she changed it up.  I’ve loved receiving her messages each time, and I’m so proud she’s really taken my coaching on board and proving to herself she CAN do it!

Here’s the kicker – Julie is 63!  Let me tell you, she doesn’t look like it or act like it! Julie is such an inspiration to the Core Finesse family (me included) with her tenacity and her favourite saying is, ‘go hard or go home’ – I have a little chuckle every time she says it!  All she needed was someone to believe in her, give her the confidence to get started and the tools to make it happen.

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Personal Trainer and Owner or Core Finesse. Certs 3 & 4, and Master Trainer accreditation. She also holds certifications as a PunchFit Trainer, L1 & 2 Kettlebell Instructor and CrossFit L1 Trainer and a Pilates Instructor